Registration for CM/ECF


RE: Local Rule 83.5 and CM/ECF Administrative Procedures B
1. Attorneys Admitted to the Bar of this Court who Maintain an Office in Delaware:


  • Formal training is required. A Registration Form will be provided at the training session. To sign up for training, contact the Clerk's Office Help Desk, at (302) 573-6170.
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for CM/ECF Administrative Procedures B , Registration)
2. Attorneys who fit into one of the following categories:


  • Admitted to the Bar of this Court - does not maintain an office in Delaware.
  • Counsel in a Multi-District Litigation case seeking CM/ECF filing rights or e-noticing.
  • Represents the United States or any federal department, agency, or official.
  • Not a member of the District of Delaware bar, involved in a criminal matter as retained or CJA appointed counsel, or appointed as Federal Public Defender.

Contact the Clerk's Office Help Desk, at (302) 573-6170 for specific information and to obtain the applicable CM/ECF Registration form.

3. Attorneys Admitted Pro Hac Vice:


  • Once Pro Hac Vice motion (See LR 83.5 (c) is granted by the Court, an attorney may register for Electronic Noticing on a case-by-case basis. Please note that such registration does not provide electronic filing rights.

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Pro Hac Vice Noticing Registration Form)


A Pro Se Party (party who is not represented by counsel) may file a Motion for Authorization to File Electronically on a case-by-case basis. If authorized to file electronically, the Pro Se party would be provided the applicable CM/ECF registration form and information regarding required training.

Questions regarding CM/ECF registration should be directed to
Clerk's Office Admissions Clerk, at (302) 573-6170.