Obtaining Copies of Court Documents


Requests for copies of paper case documents that have not been archived should be made via our Help Desk, at (302) 573-6170, or by submitting a completed copy order form.

For information on how to request copies of paper case documents in closed cases that have been accessed for storage at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), Records Center, 14700 Townsend Road, Philadelphia 19154, or permanent case records that have been further archived with NARA Archives Branch, 14700 Townsend Road, Philadelphia 19154 (formerly located in center-city Philadelphia), see FAQ:
How do I obtain copies of documents from an archived case file? (Revised 09/26/14)


Case documents or docket sheets

$.50 per page

Electronically filed documents copied by customer at Help Desk

$.10 per page

Certified copy of any case document available from Clerk's office

$11.00 per document,
and copy fee of $.50 per page


$47.00 file/index fee per document
$11.00 certification fee per document, and $.50 per page copy fee


$22.00 per document, and
$.50 per page copy fee

Retrieval of case file from the NARA Records Center

$64.00 for the first box requested per case, and $39.00 per box for each additional box for the same case


Electronic Record Retrieval Fees  $19.90 flat rate plus FRC per-page fee of $0.65


Requests for transcripts of court proceedings filed prior to May 17, 2008 should be ordered directly from the Court Reporter listed on the case docket sheet:

  • Brian Gaffigan (cases assigned to Chief Judge Stark (LPS) - (302) 573-6360
  • Valerie Gunning (cases assigned to Judge Connolly (CFC) - (302) 573-6194
  • Dale Hawkins (cases assigned to Judge Noreika (MN) - (302) 573-6196
  • Heather Triozzi (cases assigned to Judge Andrews (RGA)  - (302) 573-6195

Please consult the Court's Policy on the Electronic Availability of Transcripts of Court Proceedings, regarding transcripts filed on and after May 17, 2008. 

The Clerk's office provides two public terminals where customers have direct access to (PACER) dockets and PDF documents, and copies may be self-printed for $.10 per page.
Also, personal accounts for public access to electronically filed documents are available by registering with the PACER Service Center at: www.pacer.gov
Once registered with PACER, users gain access to electronic court dockets and PDF documents via the applicable federal court's website, CM/ECF/PACER login screen. PACER fees are noted on their website