U.S. Marshals for the District of Delaware


McLane, Allan Senate Confirmed 09/24/1789
Hamilton, Robert Senate Confirmed 06/26/1797
Lewis, Joel Senate Confirmed 07/01/1801
Brobson, James Senate Confirmed 05/30/1809
Wilson, David C. Senate Confirmed 03/04/1830
Wolfe, Nathaniel Senate Confirmed 04/22/1842
Porter, Alexander Recess Appointment 11/25/1844
McClung, John Senate Confirmed 02/08/1845
Porter, Alexander Senate Confirmed 09/10/1845
Barr, Samuel Senate Confirmed 04/25/1850
Morrow, William Senate Confirmed 04/08/1853
Aiken, James C. Senate Confirmed 04/11/1861
Seal, Joseph Senate Confirmed 03/19/1867
Dunn, John W. Senate Confirmed 04/09/1869
McMullen, Henry J. Senate Confirmed 04/17/1878
Newlin, Charles M. Senate Confirmed 07/17/1882
Mahaffy, Henry Senate Confirmed 07/02/1890
Lannan, Hewson E. Senate Confirmed 04/17/1893
Short, John Cannon Senate Confirmed 10/02/1897
Flinn, William R. Confirmed 03/18/1903
Finn, Ralph I. Court Appointed 12/10/1910
Swain, Cornelius Confirmed 01/22/1912
Townsend, George L. Confirmed 04/11/1912
Mitchell, John W. Court Appointed 12/29/1914
Farry, Martin F. Confirmed 01/04/1915
Money, Walter S.  Confirmed 04/18/1921
Hanratty, Charles Confirmed 03/08/1930
Smith, Austin D. Confirmed 04/11/1934
Ford, J. Leslie Confirmed 06/06/1938
Messick, Paul B. Confirmed 03/17/1944
Spence, Clarence H. Confirmed 06/18/1953
Barnes, Herbert Confirmed 02/27/1958
Hussey, Edward, Jr. Confirmed 06/11/1962
Novak, Joseph F. Confirmed 06/09/1966
Michaels, Edward J. Confirmed 06/20/1969
Deakyne, George H. Court Appointed 10/11/1975
Smith, John J. Confirmed 07/26/1976
McLaughin, Peter J. Confirmed 05/17/1978
Bowler, William R. Court Appointed 04/07/1979
Smith, Irving B., Jr. Confirmed 08/03/1979
Bowler, William R. Court Appointed 05/19/1981
Denney, O. Evans Confirmed 06/26/1981
Mullaney, Timothy P. Confirmed 03/14/1994
Thomas, David W. Confirmed 07/30/2002
Papili, Joseph A. Confirmed 08/25/2010
McGowan, Michael C. Confirmed 10/30/2015