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Attorney Admissions

How does an attorney become admitted to practice in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware?

Beginning May 4, 2020, the District Court of Delaware will be upgraded to the NextGen electronic case filing system. To seek any type of admission and to electronically file, attorneys must have an individual upgraded PACER account; shared PACER accounts cannot be used for admission or e-filing. If an attorney does not have an individual account, he/she should request one from PACER.

To be admitted into the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware, you must be a member of the Delaware State Bar, and your sponsor must already be admitted to practice before the District Court. Attorney admission to the District of Delaware requires a $214.00 application fee.

If there is a problem with your application, you will be notified by one of our Attorney Admissions Clerks. Otherwise, your application will be approved, and your Oath Ceremony scheduled for the next available date. You will receive notification by email as to the date, time and presiding Judge for your ceremony. At the time of admission, you must appear before the Court and be introduced by your sponsor. (There is no provision for an attorney to be waived into the bar of the court without making a personal appearance.)

Registration for Admission

1. Navigate to
2. Click Manage My Account at the very top of the page
3. Login with your upgraded individual PACER account username and password
4. Click on Maintenance tab
5. Select Attorney Admission/E-file Registration
6. Select U.S. District Courts as the Court Type and Delaware District Court as the Court. Click Next.
7. Select Attorney Admissions and E-file
8. Complete all five sections of the required registration information:
          a. Attorney Bar Information
          b. Sponsoring Attorney
          c. Attorney Information
          d. Document Upload (Application and Certificate of Good State from Delaware Supreme Court)
          e. Additional Attorney Information Required by Court
9. Complete the personal information on the E-file Registration section (most sections will be auto populated by PACER.
10. Enter your email address, email frequency and email format. (Note that HTML is the preferred email format). Click Next.
11. Set default payment information, if desired (not required). Click Next when finished or to bypass this screen.
          a. To use the same account for multiple fee types, once the account information is entered, click on the letter(s) on the left to designate the entered payment method to that account. The letter icon will turn from grey to blue once it has been designated an account.
12. Check the Acknowledgement of Policies and Procedures for Attorney Admissions box and the two Attorney E-filing Terms of Use acknowledge boxes.
13. Click Submit. The court will review your admission request and provide you with further instructions via email, including an invitation email to attend an Oath Ceremony.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will be required to pay your admission fee online using the link provided in the email. Do not use the Make One-Time PACER Fee Payment option on the Manage My Account link. This option can only be used to pay your PACER bill.