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U.S. Marshals for the District of Delaware

Allan McLane Senate Confirmed 1789
Robert Hamilton Senate Confirmed 1797
Joel Lewis Senate Confirmed 1801
James Brobson Senate Confirmed 1809
David C. Wilson Senate Confirmed 1830
Nathaniel Wolfe Senate Confirmed 1842
Alexander Porter Recess Appointment 1844
John McClung Senate Confirmed 1845
Alexander Porter Senate Confirmed 1845
Samuel Barr Senate Confirmed 1850
William Morrow Senate Confirmed 1853
James C. Aiken Senate Confirmed 1861
Joseph Seal Senate Confirmed 1867
John W. Dunn Senate Confirmed 1869
Henry J. McMullen Senate Confirmed 1878
Charles M. Newlin, Senate Confirmed 1882
Henry Mahaffy Senate Confirmed 1890
Hewson E. Lannan Senate Confirmed 1893
John Cannon Short Senate Confirmed 1897
William R. Flinn Confirmed 1903
Ralph I. Finn Court Appointed 1910
Cornelius Swain Confirmed 1912
George L. Townsend Confirmed 1912
John W. Mitchell Court Appointed 1914
Martin F. Farry Confirmed 1915
Walter S. Money Confirmed 1921
Charles Hanratty Confirmed 1930
Austin D. Smith Confirmed 1934
J. Leslie Ford Confirmed 1938
Paul B. Messick Confirmed 1944
Clarence H. Spence Confirmed 1953
Herbert Barnes Confirmed 1958
Edward, Jr. Hussey Confirmed 1962
Joseph F. Novak Confirmed 1966
Edward J. Michaels Confirmed 1969
George H. Deakyne Court Appointed 1975
John J. Smith Confirmed 1976
Peter J. McLaughin Confirmed 1978
William R. Bowler Court Appointed 1979
Irving B., Jr. Smith Confirmed 1979
William R. Bowler Court Appointed 1981
O. Evans Denney Confirmed 1981
Timothy P. Mullaney Confirmed 1994
David W. Thomas Confirmed 2002
Joseph A. Papili Confirmed 2010
Michael C. McGowan Confirmed 2015