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  • I tried to file a PDF document and I receive a message stating "ERROR: This document has security measures in effect, such as password protection or access restriction. This PDF document cannot be accepted." - What should I do?

    You must deactivate the Adobe Acrobat security features, such as password protection, save the file, and submit the document again.


  • I tried to file a document and there is a message stating "ERROR: Document is not a well-formed PDF document", what is wrong?

    All documents filed with the System must be in PDF format. These documents are identifiable by ".pdf" at the end of the document name

  • I tried to file a PDF document and received a message that states: “ERROR: Document is malformed or contains code which may cause an external action (such as launching an application). This PDF document cannot be accepted.” What should I do?

    Compress the PDF in Adobe Acrobat and submit the document again by following the steps below:

    • Open your PDF document in Adobe Acrobat
    • Click on File, then Print
    • In the Print pop-up window, select Adobe PDF from the Printer drop-down menu
    • Click on Properties button next to the Printer drop-down menu
    • In the Adobe PDF Document Properties pop-up window, click on the Paper/Quality tab
    • Click on the Advanced button
    • Under Graphic, next to Print Quality, click on 1200 dpi and select 300 dpi from the drop-down menu
    • Click on the OK button twice to return to the Print pop-up window
    • Click on the Print button
    • Type in your file name and click on the Save button
    • Log in to CM/ECF and file the document
  • What does "Internal Server Error" mean?

    It means that the CM/ECF System is unable to complete your request. Please contact the CM/ECF HelpDesk at 302-573-6170.

  • I submitted a document and I received the message, "You cannot load this file because it’s over 35 MB", what should I do?

    This is most likely to occur with scanned documents. If the main document exceeds the 35 MB limit, the document must be broken up into logical divisions with each division not exceeding the 35 MB limit.


  • I am not receiving Notices of Electronic Filing in cases in which I am involved, what’s wrong?

    First, make sure you are listed as an attorney of record in the case. If you are listed on the docket sheet, make sure under your information it says “Attorney to be Noticed”.   Contact the CM/ECF Helpdesk (302-573-6170) if you need further assistance.

  • Is the CM/ECF System secure?

    The CM/ECF System has several layers of security in order to ensure that your filing has not been altered in any way.