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How do I present documents for filing under seal?

Beginning November 1, 2012, a registered user of CM/ECF is required to upload the pdf and e-file their sealed civil and miscellaneous documents directly into CM/ECF. See our video for step-by-step instructions for properly e-filing sealed documents.  The authority for filing a document under seal must be provided by a protective order or other order of the Court. Sealed documents in Social Security cases shall continue to be filed in paper format only.

Filers who are not registered users of CM/ECF shall present the original sealed document to the Clerk’s Office on a properly labeled compact disk in PDF, with a signed paper copy marked "ORIGINAL", and provide the required number of courtesy copies.  Each copy must be presented in a separate and properly marked envelope.

When filing the paper courtesy copies of sealed documents, include the heading, case caption, case number, document title, /s/ and attorney information of the e-filer on a cover page taped to the front of the envelope (Click to view example).  Either securely tape a photocopy of the Notice of Electronic Filing to the back of the envelope, OR, indicate the Docket Item # on the top front corner of the cover page.

The "filed date" of a sealed document is the date first received, either by e-filing, or when presented in paper only/disk format at the Clerk's office.  Counsel may provide additional copies if clock-ins are necessary, however, clock-ins should be placed in separate properly marked individual envelopes.  Intake staff will only stamp the outside envelopes of e-filed "Courtesy copies" or "clock-ins" as "Received", as such envelopes are not opened at the Intake Help Desk.

Please visit the CM/ECF Page of our web site for additional information, instructions, and a tutorial.