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New Electronic Summons Form - AO 440

Monday, March 23, 2020

In an effort to reduce the handling of paper copies, The District Court has created an Electronic Civil Summons form (AO 440) for Counsel to complete and use without requiring the Clerk to print, sign, seal and handle the originals.  Counsel can complete the top portion of the summonses, attaching them to the Complaint in the 99-mc-9999 holding case and the Clerk will make a Remark issuing the summonses on the docket and returning the issued summonses to counsel as an attachment to be printed out and used for service by counsel. Counsel may also complete, print and use the form pursuant to FRCP Rule 4 after the Complaint has been filed without sending copies to the Clerk’s Office for approval.  However, counsel will still be required to scan and docket “Summons Returned Executed” once service has been completed.