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Senior Judge Sue L. Robinson

Friday, February 3, 2017

Happy Birthday to SENIOR Judge Sue L. Robinson!

The Court extends warm “Happy Birthday” wishes to the Honorable Sue L. Robinson! As importantly, the Court congratulates Judge Robinson on her new status: today she has become a Senior United States District Court Judge.

Judge Robinson’s contributions to the federal judiciary, and to the District of Delaware in particular, are legion and too numerous to detail here. The Court will have other occasions to more adequately thank Judge Robinson for her exemplary service to this District over more than
a quarter of a century.

In light of Judge Robinson’s transition to her new role, the Court will be modifying certain of its case assignment practices, effective immediately. The changes are summarized below:

  • Senior Judge Robinson will not be assigned new criminal cases. Until the filling of the judicial vacancy created by Judge Robinson having now assumed senior status, all new criminal matters will be assigned to Judges Stark (“LPS”), Sleet (“GMS”), and Andrews (“RGA”).
  • Senior Judge Robinson will not be assigned new civil cases. Until the filling of the judicial vacancy, the Court will create a new docket, referred to as the “Vacant Judgeship” or “VAC.” All new civil matters will be assigned to LPS, GMS, RGA, and VAC.
  • The civil cases assigned to VAC will also be referred to one of Magistrate Judges Thynge (“MPT”), Burke (“CJB”), and Fallon (“SRF”). The Magistrate Judges will have the full authority permitted by law to manage the Vacant Judgeship docket, including by entering schedule through trial, deciding non-dispositive matters, and making recommendations as to resolution of dispositive matters.
  • Litigants and counsel are reminded that they have the option of consenting to a Magistrate Judge handling a case in full, including trial, or consenting to having any particular motion resolved by a Magistrate Judge. More information can be found on the Court’s website (under Forms”).
  • When, and as needed, cases on Senior Judge Robinson’s docket, or on the Vacant Judgeship docket, will be reassigned to one of the active District Judges.

As has been previously announced, Judge Robinson intends to serve the District of Delaware as a Senior Judge until this coming summer. The Court is extremely grateful for her continued service. And the Court is hopeful that the vacancy now existing will be filled by an active District Judge in a timely manner.

February 3, 2017
Wilmington, Delaware