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Update on Case Assignments and Magistrate Judges

Monday, October 1, 2018

With the retirement of Judge Gregory M. Sleet last week, the Court provides this update on case assignments and Magistrate Judges.

With little, if any, exceptions, all open cases that were formerly assigned to the GMS docket have now been reassigned to an active District of Delaware District Judge. The same is true for cases that were formerly assigned to the Vacant Judgeship docket (VAC). Cases that were formerly assigned to Visiting Judges that have not been reassigned to a Delaware District Judge will remain assigned to a Visiting Judge (subject to any order that may be entered by the Visiting Judge).

Newly-filed cases (civil, criminal, and miscellaneous matters) are being assigned in essentially equal numbers to all four District Judge dockets: LPS, RGA, CFC, and MN.

The Court has also modified its plan for utilization of Magistrate Judges. Beginning today, with respect to newly-filed cases, Chief Magistrate Judge Mary Pat Thynge will work with all four District Judges, Magistrate Judge Christopher Burke is paired with Judges Stark and Noreika, and Magistrate Judge Sherry Fallon is paired with Judges Andrews and Connolly. Each District Judge will determine how he or she wishes to utilize the Magistrate Judges.

The Court may modify its case assignment plan and Magistrate Judge utilization plan at any time.